Smartlink C Operations

Smartlink c operations

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Operation steps: Turn off the vehicle ignition.Connect one end of the OBD 11 extension cable into the OBD-16 diagnostic connector of the Smartlink C dongle, and the other end into the vehicle’s DLC port.* For more information on DLC location. please refer to the Appendix.Plug one end of CAT-6 cro...

SmartLink C FAQ & Appendix

Smartlink c faq & appendix

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What’s the minimum requirement for network conditions?The remote SmartLink operation requires network broadband of 100 MB or above.What does the word “Delay” displayed on the Smartlink C screen mean?The Delay (network delay) indicates the quality of the current network. Different colors represent di...

SmartLink C Working Principle

Smartlink c working principle

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The Smartlink Remote Diagnostics System is a newly developed powerful service system dedicated to remote vehicle diagnosis and service. In this system, Smartlink C user, as a Smartlink Service Subscriber, can submit remote repair orders to vehicle repair companies (Smartlink B, the Smartlink Service...

How to use WeChat scan code to bind a smartlink B and smartlink C device

How to use wechat scan code to bind a smartlink b and smartlink c device

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1.You can also download and install directly from the app store by searching for "WeChat" or Download WeChat mobile client from WeChat official website.WeChat official website: After the installation is complete, register a WeChat account.3. Use the WeChat scan ...

How to use Launch pad V and XPROG3 to change Audi MQB gearbox?

How to use launch pad v and xprog3 to change audi mqb gearbox?

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Audi MQB Gearbox Replacement GuideDescription:Here we take DQ200-MQB Gearbox as an example, replace its ECU and finish the settings. Tools Requirement:X-431 Pad V and X-431 G3 Software Requirement:Audi V28.70 and above, IMMO PROGRAM V10.02 and above. A Brief Introduction:There ar...

How to configure Launch X431 Pad VII online programming function?

How to configure launch x431 pad vii online programming function?

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Operation method for configuring online programming function:Go to other - Equipment - file management - cnlaunch folder -  x431padv - assets directory and find the file named stdcfg.ini   Open stdcfg.ini with a text editor, click the Edit button a...

Launch X431 Pad III vs. X431 Pad V vs. X431 PAD VII

Launch x431 pad iii vs. x431 pad v vs. x431 pad vii

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Launch X431 Pad III, X431 PAD V and X431 PAD VII are professional and comprehensive diagnostic scan tools. They can do full system diagnosis, advanced programming, and a lot of special functions for wide car models. So what’s the difference? Which is better to choose? Here has listed the differences...